Frequently Asked Questions.

"I Uploaded all of my photos, and it says finished, but i cannot see any photos. Where are my Photos?"

"If you try to upload too many large files at the same time it will overload the server and none of them will upload. Try uploading less than 60Mb in one batch. (60Mb at once is the Servers Limit).
E.g., select some of the files to upload (less than 60Mb) Upload them, then select some more. You can still put them in the same album if you upload them in separate uploads.

"I am having trouble uploading photos, I have ensured that the file size is small enough! I just tried to upload a 5.1mb photo and it sent me this message on the 'Finished!' screen:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate
16000 bytes) in /home/shutterbug/shutterbug/Public/uploadfiles.php on line 66
What can I do? "

"Jpeg images are compressed, so depending on the amount of compression the file size can be misleading

Take for example the following 4.39 MB Photo (4,612,672 bytes)
This photo was too large to upload to the website
The following is the dimensions in Photoshop of the photo

You will notice at the top its pixel dimensions or uncompressed size is 55.8 M
The pictures height which is its shortest side in this case is the size we advise the longest side can be for safe upload
But the width which in this instance is the longest side is far greater than the maximum

This is the same photo resized down to the recommended maximum for upload:

Once it was resized down it uploaded fine

Just shrink your photos down a bit and re-upload them
You will have a lot less problems

As the site uploads the photos it creates a blank canvas with the reported dimensions of the original photo It then copies the pixels across to the new image, this enable the uploading of large high quality photos
However, when the 90Mb upload buffer on the website if full you get the 'Fatal Error'"

"When I go to edit, it says it will delete all photos. How do i delete just 1?"

"To delete individual images first click on view to view all the images,
then click on the image you want to delete,
Click on the "delete this image" checkbox
Click save changes

Repeat this for any other image you wish to delete

When you click on an image it loads it up to edit it,
As well as delete it you can also change its sequence number (the order the series appears in)
You can also change which series it is in if you have more than one series."

"Do images have to be taken in the year of the competition?"


"I have paid the entry fee, what do I do now?"


"The next step is to create an account, then log in and upload photos.

Step 1, Click on Entry at the top of the Shutterbug page.

Step 2, Click on "CLICK HERE TO ENTER"

Step 3, fill in your details

Step 4, Tick the confirmation box at the bottom of the page and click the submit form button

Step 5, Check your email and click on the link in the confirmation email.

Step 6, Log into your account using your email address and the password you chose.


Once your payment is confirmed you will be able to continue on from step 7;

Step 7, Click on Entry (next to Account)

Step 8, type a name into Album Title (delete the words "New Album")

Step 9, type in the details of the camera used in Camera Type

Step 10, Enter the synopsis of the album

Step 11, click Save

Step 12, Click on Upload (next to Entry)

Step 13, Click on the first Browse... button

Step 14, locate and select your photo

Step 15, click on the next Browse... button

Step 16, locate and select your photo

Repeat steps 15 and 16 until either 60Mb of Photos, or all (if they are less than 60MB) are selected

Step 17, Click on Upload and Wait until it says it is finished

The time taken will vary depending on how much you are uploading at once and the quality of your internet connection

If you have completed all of these steps (and followed them correctly) your photos will be uploaded ready to be judged."