Single Image Entries


There are 3 Single Image categories: Spectrum, Freestyle and Snapshot.

You may enter any of the categories as many times as you wish.

Entries in the Single Image categories are accepted from both Australian and International Photographers.

Check some of the 2011 contestants' photos or Winning Finalists for inspiration.


There will be three finalists and one overall Winner in each Single Image category.

The prize for the three top finalists of each Single Image category is:

Having your winning images published in The Shutterbug Award book and recieving a Hardback copy of the book, with a value of $210.00

The Prize for the overall winner in each of the Spectrum, Freestyle or Snapshot Single Image categories, in addition to featuring in and receiving a Hardback copy of the Shutterbug Award book is a Prize valued at $500.

The winning images will also be shown as part of a multi-media slide show projection on the Shutterbug Award night and wrap up party.

(Please click here to see The Shutterbug Award 2011 book)


Digital submissions only

Shutterbug accepts digital submissions only (Prints or negatives need to be scanned and converted to digital files).

Files can be uploaded to our secure site for judging.

For more than one submission you will need to create additional entries. (You need to be logged in to do this and there is a fee for each additional entry) See below.

Photos may be uploaded any time after payment has been received.

There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by any one photographer, but only one entry will be selected for exhibition and publishing.

All Entrants for the Single Image Category will have at least one image shown on the Shutterbug Award Website.

All Finalists will be notified as to the status of their entry.

The Single Image category finalists images will be included in The Shutterbug Award book. Permission will be sought before publication.

File specifications

  The original files should be as large as possible. (E.g. Taken with at least a 3.0 MB camera)

Preferred upload size is 3600 pixels on the longest size.

With a maximum of 300 DPI

Files need to be in JPEG Format.

Photoshop and similar software can be used to any degree the photographer would like, but no borders.

The images may not show the name of a photographer.

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee is $10.00 for the first entry.

 $5.00 for each additional entry.

After your payment is cleared you will be able to create entries to upload your photos into.
The fee can be paid by:


Please note that The Shutterbug Award will publish the names of Finalists on press releases and on the website. All copyright for images remains with the photographer but we reserve the right to use photographs for the publicity and promotion of The Shutterbug Award and on our website.

Entry is currently closed.
Thank you for your interest in the Shutterbug Award.